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These Social Media Support pages have been created as a follow on from a series of presentations by Ideas4ADIs Director Mac McDade. They stirred a large number of people into taking up social media and using it as a serious business & marketing tool.

So, we’ve put together these pages to help you get started, rather than leave you all drowning in the vast sea of social media. We’ll try and provide the helping hand you need to get your ‘social media for business’ up and running and provide additional tips and information as you venture deeper into the rabbit hole!

There are 2 pages to this section…enjoy!

Are you drowning in the sea of Social Media?

Getting started
Choosing your social media platforms

There are four social media platforms I recommend that’ll give you the right mix for business networking, promoting your business, generating and connecting with customers. They are all free to use and are available for use through PC, Mac, iTunes, Blackberry and Android. They are:


Ranked No 1 Facebook now has 800+ million users worldwide

Around 30 million users in the UK

You should not use your personal Facebook profile for business, you need to set-up a Facebook page. Here are the major differences between profiles and pages:

  • Businesses are only allowed to open pages NOT profile. A business which opens a profile page is in direct violation of Terms Of Service.
  • Business pages allow other users to become fans, but access to the individual profile pages are limited.
  • Business pages do not allow the ability to invite friends – in fact business pages cannot maintain a friends list – they can only maintain a fan list. In fact this feature is disabled on business pages.
  • Business pages do allow updating your status (which gets shared with your fans)
  • Business pages allow: pictures, videos, discussion board, application, wall posts, groups and other interactive elements.

When you have a working Facebook page for your business, your fans/customers will automatically see anything you post to your page every time they go on Facebook. 

Most Facebook users use Facebook AT LEAST once per day.
If your customers like what you offer then they will want to be associated with you and they will want to tell their friends. Not everyone is into wearing clothing advertising their favourite brand/service/product/business but most people WILL “Like” you on Facebook.

When you post interesting updates (news, events, photos, products etc) on your Facebook page, this will show in your fans’ newsfeeds, and your fans will have the opportunity to “Like” a post by clicking a “Like” button.  When they do, this will appear in their friend’s news feeds, and their friends will see the link to your post.

So, if you have 100 fans/followers, and they each have 100 facebook friends, this will mean that 10,000 people will potentially see the link to your post that your followers have ‘liked’.

Google Loves Facebook
If you have a Facebook Page it is more likely to be flagged by Search Engines, because Facebook is updated with fresh content. So, your Facebook Page can drive traffic to your website or blog.

So, if you haven’t already done so, sign up for Facebook here

You do not have to sign-up for a business advertiser

For help in creating a Facebook Page click here.


Twitter has boomed in the UK over the past 12 months. In fact, in the last year traffic has increased 1,736%

There are over 600 million queries made daily through the Twitter search engine. Over 65% of the world’s top 100 companies are harnessing the power of Twitter.

Twitter allows you to post brief messages (tweets) of 140 characters or less to your followers. This means it is less time consuming than some other platforms.

Twitter is a great tool for getting the word out to the masses. A good tweet can build buzz and get conversations going. At the same time, you can be informative, current and establish a relationship with your followers.

To create a Twitter account click here.


LinkedIn, ranked 4th, is a professional networking site.

LinkedIn is not like Facebook and Twitter, it is purely a business networking site and should always be treated as such. Once you have joined, the first thing to do is take some time to build a good profile with a picture. Tell people about yourself, where you have come from and what you are interested in.
Next, join some groups that are related either to your business or personal interests. You are then ready to start making connections with other professionals who you either have worked with, have met or perhaps simply share your views or goals.

Since joining LinkedIn, I have connected with, met and done business with a number of people through the platform. I have also learnt a great deal about driver training from all over the world, about business practice, social media and design.

These 3 platforms, Faceebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, are those most likely to gain new members in the future.

Officially, Linkedin has grown 100%, in the last 12 months, having over 101m professionals who use the platform worldwide. 23.1m of these users are in Europe.

6 million members in the UK, the 3rd highest number, by country, in the world.

More than one million companies now have LinkedIn Company Pages.

To join LinkedIn click here.


This blog is hosted and created in WordPress!

It is the most popular Content Management System (CMS) in use on the internet used for all kinds of website, not just for blogs, which is where it began.

About 10% of the world’s websites are made with WordPress and it currently has over 24 million individual blogs.

Building and running your new Web site doesn’t have to be a chore. Ever heard the old adage, “Work smarter, not harder?” This certainly applies to using WordPress to run your blog, because there’s no simpler, cheaper, or more powerful way to build and manage a Web site!

There are several reasons why WordPress is so popular:

  • set-up: installing WordPress is easy – mostly done with a single mouse click)
  • cost: it is completely
  • support: there’s lots of help and resources online to get you started and develop your site/blog further
  • so easy: anyone can create a great looking blog/website very minimal computing skills
  • features: there are thousands of WordPress plug-ins to add almost any feature not built in

For information and support to get started on WordPress click here.

So, these are MY chosen 4 – making up MY perfect Social Media 4 Business mix.

But how are you going to manage all these platforms? Easy, continue to the next page.


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